Carlos Cobian -Founder of Cobian Media

Carlos R. Cobián is a purpose-driven, accomplished entrepreneur recognized for developing innovative, successful businesses in Latin America.

In 1995, when he was 21 years old and performing as a club DJ, he co-founded Empire Entertainment, Puerto Rico’s first youth and experiential marketing agency. Empire Entertainment disrupted the traditional advertising agency industry by promoting performance-based business models and employing new, ingenious marketing methods to reach young people. The result was a new wave of creative promotions and production shops.

“As a DJ, I did what I loved—entertain and create memorable experiences that made people happy.”

Between 1995 and 2006, Cobián owned restaurants and bars and consulted for leading global brands such as Coors Light, Bacardi, Toyota, Pepsi and Hilton Hotels.

In 2003, Cobián co-founded Wireless Idea, a pioneer in the use of mobile devices as a marketing and content monetization tool for brands, reaching mobile users in 17 Latin American countries.

In 2014, he founded Cobian Media, a progressive media company that develops platforms for personal, professional and economic growth via gatherings of innovators and forward thinkers. Among its events are Animus Summit, a growth and empowerment event for women; AgroHack Conference & Expo, an expo for innovation and collaboration in agriculture; and H3 Tech Conference, a tech innovation and startup symposium. These projects have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, NBC News, The Guardian, Inc Magazine, Nylon, The Huffington Post, Fast Company and other media outlets.

Also in 2014, Cobián launched Gravital, a performance-driven digital marketing agency and consulting firm focused on helping companies succeed and grow in the ever-changing global marketplace.

“There’s only one way forward—going global. Technology, a talented team and an obsession for innovation pave the way.”

Cobián is known for his inventiveness, perseverance and resilience. He has been a steadfast champion of entrepreneurship and economic development in Puerto Rico throughout the recent economic crisis and devastating natural disasters, as well as a string of personal trials.

In 2020, Cobián founded Fields of Joy in memory of his late wife, psychologist, professor and author Joy Lynn Suárez-Kindy, a fervent child advocate and anti-bullying activist. The foundation strives to preserve children’s mental health and prevent bullying in Puerto Rico.

“Hardship, trauma, grief, uncertainty—these experiences can lead to destruction or growth. I choose growth. I’m not going to waste this pain.”


Driven indoors by the pandemic, Cobián resurrected his DJ days with “El Party de Carlos” (Carlos’ Party), a show featuring disco, funk, house and rock music on Carlos Cobian Live, gaining thousands of followers literally overnight. He also shares expert business knowledge and personal advice from the heart through short weekly live videos.

Cobián is a prominent, dynamic and insightful international keynote speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, marketing, startups, business ecosystem development, corporate culture, and other timely topics. He has shared his expertise with businesses, nonprofit organizations, academia and government agencies in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Latin America, advising companies such as Walmart, Scotiabank, Banco Popular, Farm Credit International, the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association, AstraZeneca and Boston Scientific, among many others.

Cobián promotes New Capitalism, confident that businesses and leaders that make human-centered decisions are better positioned to thrive in the New Economy. He’s a strong believer in collaboration and social responsibility. Cobián has been helping young people develop into entrepreneurs and exceptional business leaders for more than 20 years. In recent years, he has worked ardently to support women and farmers.

“I’ve learned that the only way to help myself is to help others. There’s no other way. It’s my responsibility to become a better person so that I can help others in their journey.”

Cobián is the founder and former president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) of Puerto Rico, mentor for the Founder Institute (FI), delegate for the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and mentor for Puerto Rico-based accelerator program Parallel18. He has been honored with numerous awards, including Founder Institute Startup Ecosystem Champion in 2015, Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce “Business Person of the Year” for 2016, and the “Top Management Award/Entrepreneur” award from the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Puerto Rico.

Forbes describes Cobián as “a leader in the new Puerto Rican creative economy.”

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    Carlos Cobián Live

    Carlos Cobián Live is a platform where entrepreneur and business executive Carlos Cobián shares his knowledge through live feeds to help his viewers improve their personal and professional lives.


    Listen to Carlos Cobian’s (Dj Aladdin) mixes from #ElPartyDeCarlos Live from COVID-19 Quarantine.

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